Fx Hoster Latency

Latency is one of the most frequently used terms in computer networking-based operations. It indicates time-lapse (measured in milliseconds) between requesting & responding to a command. The field of Forex trading acquaints this latency issue due to pressing a high concern over fast business execution.

What’s Forex VPS Latency?

In Forex trading, latency denotes the time span usually initiated during the delivery of an interacting signal from an MT4/MT5 trading platform to the respective broker. As a matter of fact, the shortest order execution period brings a huge profit from your trading. A typical desktop with a broadband connection from local ISP surely cannot qualify for this specification. That’s why you need to bring in a Forex VPS service that provides latency-optimized servers.

Fx Hoster servers are remarkably advanced to settle your latency issues comprehensively. In extension, the strategical position of our server data center also hits an enormous role to sustain the best trading execution speed.

Ultra-Low Latency VPS Ensures a Booming Trading Experience

The precondition of lightning-fast trading experience requires the shortest latency supply. Our servers can deliver from 1ms to 70 ms latency period varying for respective packages. If Forex VPS latency comparison is considered, you would identify that Fx Hoster latency plan is appointed in such a manner that you can pull a proper package based on to your preferred location & time duration.

Fxhoster Latency

Presenting our categorized packages under this plan. View & carry out your choice from the hardware & technical features organized in the following pricing table.

Broker Name London(UK) Newyork(USA) Canada(Montreal) AMSTERDAM(Nedarlands) Order
5 ms 70 ms 60 ms 2 ms Order VPS
2 ms 78 ms 68 ms 5 ms Order VPS
ADS Securities
1 ms 65 ms 78 ms 8 ms Order VPS
Advanced Markets
88 ms 1 ms 9 ms 80 ms Order VPS
ATC Brokers
70 ms 10 ms 18 ms 98 ms Order VPS
77 ms 12 ms 18 ms 88 ms Order VPS
8 ms 88 ms 66 ms 9 ms Order VPS
IC Markets
86 ms 3 ms 12 ms 77 ms Order VPS
Fx Choice
12 ms 98 ms 78 ms 25 ms Order VPS
12 ms 88 ms 67 ms 17 ms Order VPS

Fx Hoster Latency-based Server Improves Trading Performance

Forex trading is all about generating profits through pips, which is intensely linked to fast order execution. For instance, a trader places an order for execution; in the meantime, the price gets altered in a few pips triggering a slippage. This incident might sound insignificant, but at the end of the year, this obstacle can induce high-profit loss. In such circumstance, a Forex VPS server with massive potentiality can relieve your burden at a great extent by lessening the latency period. Once you get signed up, we can provide among the best hosting location of;


-New York(USA)



Other Notable Features

=>Fueled with the latest hardware technology.

=>100% uptime guarantee.

=>Accessible from any part of the globe using various devices.

=>24/7 client assistance.

=>Meta-trader optimization.

forex vps latency

Included with your machine

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